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  International Seminar
seminario internacional
procesos post comisiones de la verdad
de la negacion al reconocimiento
Lima 4, 5 y 6 de junio de 2003


The recommendations to be made by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission will involve all the social and political actors in the country. No Peruvian man or woman of any age, belief, race, social condition, belonging to the State or the Civil Society will be exempted from complying a role in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission process in which Peruvian society is already involved.

Therefore, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, organized this international seminar in which Peruvian and foreign specialists and politicians in fruitful dialogue spoke about the post-Truth Commission process emphasizing the relationship between the truth gathered and the following stage: redress policy, trials and reconciliation proposals.

This Seminar dealt with the context and implemented mechanisms assumed both by the State and civil society in other countries in Latin America and the world. At the same time, it dealt with the lessons learned from the experiences that can be helpful for the Peruvian process.