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Current Senator of the Republic. He is one of the best-known politicians in Colombia. A former member of M-19 (a Colombian guerrilla group), he was coordinator of the team that negotiated the peace between such movement and president Belisario Betancur’s government.

Perhaps the most transcendental experience in his life was to enter political life after fight to show Colombians it was possible to generate changes for the country by legal ways. He was Minister of Health in 1990. This Industrial and Sanitary Engineer from the University of England, was also Pasto’s Mayor, and is well-remembered for that. As chamber representative for Santa Fe de Bogota in 1998-2002, he recorded the highest voting in the country.

He underpins his political proposal in developing issues related to urban citizens’ security, environmental recovery and public space recovery and others among which the defense of human rights stands out.