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Director of the Human Rights International Center of the North Western University School of Law in Chicago. He received his Juris Doctor Degree from Harvard Law School in 1972 and his B.A. degree in Economics from Yale in 1969. A lawyer and a journalist, he specialized in international human rights, criminal, humanitarian and international law, including terrorism. He shares the board of the Center of Studies on Justice of the Americas and he chairs Due Process concerning the Law Promoting Justice Reform in the Hemisphere. He has been a consultant on human rights for the United Nations, the organization of American States, the United States State Department and the Ford Foundation. He has lectured in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas and his articles have been internationally published in English and Spanish. His comments on human rights are published on the Chicago Tribune and broadcast by the Public Radio of Chicago. He was juridical consultant for the Truth Commission in El Salvador and main editor of its report.