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He is currently a consultant for the International Organization for Migrations in Guatemala and consultant for several regional organizations. He was charged by the Organization of American States to head the elections observation mission for the general elections of Peru in 2000 when he withdrew the mission before the second round of voting as a protest for the irregularities and absence of conditions. His report concluded that such elections were neither free nor fair. Among its recent international participations, he has collaborated with UNDP as a coordinator of the National Dialogue for the Reform of Social Security in Panama. He is one of the fifteen members of the International Commission on Threats to Democracies shared by former Secretary of State Madeline Albright. He was one of the twelve members of the international commission on State Sovereignty and Intervention that reported to UN’s Secretary General in December 2001. He is also one of the two Latin American members of the International Crisis Group Council, a global entity headquartered in Brussels devoted to preventing and managing political crises. He was Minister of Foreign Affairs for President Alvaro Arzú at the beginning of his administration and continued in that position for the whole presidential term until January 14th, 2000.