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She is a lawyer and researcher of the Buenos Aires Ombudsman’s Office and Director of the Program Memory and Fight against the Impunity of State Terrorism of the Legal and Social Center (CELS). She worked for the Mercosur Social Cultural Research Program, for the Economic and Social Development Institute (IDES), she was research assistant for professor Beatriz Rajland (University of Buenos Aires - UBACyT Project). She was Research Assistant for Professor Norberto Ivancich (Social Science School, University of Buenos Aires). She has published “Human Rights Movements Strategies vis-à-vis the Mercosur” “The Nullity of Amnesty Laws in Argentina”, “The Nullity of the Final Point and Due Obedience Law”, “Annual Report on the Situation of Human Rights in Argentina”, “The Struggle Against Impunity”, “Institutional Reactions before Popular Claims”, in cooperation with Maria Victoria Pita published in Report on the Situation of Human Rights in Argentina, “Social Images and State Reform”, among others.