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press release

Press Release 205

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission opens international seminar on: "From Denial to Acknowledgment"

Truth Commission to present proposals on redress and institutional reforms


The Truth and Reconciliation Commission opens tomorrow Wednesday June 4th the International Seminar “Post-Truth Commission Processes in the World; From Denial to Acknowledgment” at the Museo de la Nación main auditorium.
Prime Minister Luis Solari de la Fuente will open this event that will gather outstanding Peruvian and international personalities and scholars during three days. The seminar will permit debate on post-Truth Commission experiences in Latin America and the world at large for benchmarking for the Peruvian experience.
This seminar’s first panel “Internal Conflicts in Democracy” is made up by David Scott Palmer (American), Mari Fitzduff (Irish), Juan Rial (Uruguayan) and Julio Cotler (Peruvian). Priscilla Hayner (American), Rubén Zamora (Salvadoran), and Eduardo Stein (Guatemalan) will participate later in the panel on “Post-Conflict, Power and Truth Commissions.”
María José Guembe (Argentinean), Héctor Salazar Ardiles (Chilean), Bongani Finca (South African), Fernando López (Guatemalan), Douglass Cassel (American), Martín Balza (Argentinean), Antonio Navarro Wolf (Colombian senator), Mark Gibney (American), Daniel Zovatto (Argentinean) and Mark Salter (Swedish) are expected for the following days. Ministers Ana María Romero - Lozada, Javier Silva Ruete and Fernando Villarán will share panels with them by commenting on the redress policy for victims.
To close this event the Truth and Reconciliation Commission will organize a novel musical proposal: ee note on the Concert

Lima, June 3rd 2003

Public Action Group
Truth and Reconciliation Commission