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In strict fulfillment of its mandate including the duty to contribute to a stronger democracy and rule of law, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission deems its necessary to issue the following public statement.

1. In view of the acts of violence that have taken place in the Ene and Apurímac river valleys, it hopes the struggle against terrorism and armed subversion will effectively involve this time all democratic Peruvians, their parties and civil society organizations, with the required contribution from the forces of law and order. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission expresses its support to the government and the constitutional order in their search for this goal.

2. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission deplores and condemns the criminal acts perpetrated by a faction of the Peruvian Communist Party - Shining Path and conveys its hertfelt condolences to the relatives of the courageous members of the Peruvian Armed Forces Carlos Castañeda, Hugo Larico, Edgar Atauche, José Hinostroza and Julio García Deplora, and of civilian members of the Sivia District Self-Defense Committee Uldarico Salazar and Demisión Arancibia.

3. It recalls that the horrible murders caused by the Tarata attack and the murder of the La Cantuta University students and professor took place exactly 11 years ago on the 16 and 18 July, 1992. These assassinations should also lead us to think that preventing similar tragedies in future depends on each and everyone of us.

4. On August 28, 2003 the Truth and Reconciliation Commission will present its final report of the detailed results of its work. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission has carried out its mandate with absolute honesty and transparency. The Commission feels this report and the ensuing debate will be useful for the nation to better understand our recent history and to protect democracy from terrorist subversion. The report strictly reflects the truth found as a result of the Commission’s investigations nor will the Commission accept any external pressures to deviate from its original intent. It furthermore considers that any time is good to know the truth and that no excuses are acceptable to continue hiding it.

5. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission will present its proposals for national reconciliation that must be understood as an ongoing process to restore the relationship between the State and its authorities, on the one hand, and the constituents that they represent and serve on the other, while excluding all improper dealings with those who abuse the fundamental rights of all Peruvians.

Lima. July 17, 2003