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1. On this date, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission has submitted to the Prosecutor the first documented file on presumed individual liability for serious human rights abuses occurred during the period under investigation.

2. This decision is made in compliance with its mandate and with the legal obligation of providing the information it has regarding the perpetration of crimes for which the corresponding criminal legal action has been filed.

3. The case which the Truth and Reconciliation Commission addresses is specially important for the Commission, because it completes a process that started with the forensic exhumations carried out with the Public Prosecutor in Chuschi (Ayacucho) in January this year.

4. Although it is true that the Truth and Reconciliation Commission lacks jurisdictional powers, it has the right and duty of assisting other government agencies so they can administer justice regarding the crimes and human rights abuses perpetrated by subversive organizations and government agents during the period that the Commission, has the mandate to clarify.

5. With this first report, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission confirms before the nation its unyielding decision to meet as openly as possible the supreme mandate received from the Peruvian nation.

Lima, December 6th, 2002

Commissioners’ Plenary