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Through the chairmanship of the Council of Ministers, the Peruvian Government signed a cooperation agreement with the United Nations Development Program, creating project PER 01/023 “Support to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission”. As per this Agreement, the Government transferred resources to be administered by UNDP in order to finance the Commission’s activities. Furthermore, UNDP committed itself to provide management and auditing services, to guarantee the correct use of these resources. Several sources of international cooperation could contribute additional resources to this project.

We decided to work under the sponsorship of UNDP because it offers comparative advantages. On the one hand, it provides greater flexibility to have faster access to resources in order to implement offices at a countrywide level and develop our activities. On the other hand, we exercise a strict control of expenditures, including a periodical audit of all our resources.

It should be pointed out that the Truth and Reconciliation Commission is also subjected to the guidelines set out in the UNDP procedures guide, which include controls and periodical audits carried out by UNDP itself, as well as by the Chairmanship of the Council of Ministers. Therefore, the Commission’s resources are controlled in two different ways.


Financing Sources (PDF)