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Institutional Cooperation Agreement Project between the National Institute of Radio and Television of Peru – IRTP and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission

This document certifies the institutional cooperation and cultural promotion agreement entered into by the national INSTITUTE OF RADIO AND TELEVISION OF PERU – IRTP, on the one hand, with RUC 20338915471, with legal domicile at Av. José Galvez 1040, Santa Beatriz – Lima, represented by its general manager, Javier Ernesto Rachitoff Carranza with DNI………. , hereinafter IRTP and, on the other hand, the Truth And Reconciliation Commission-CVR with legal domicile at Av. Salaverry N° 2802- Lima 27, represented by its president SALOMÓN LERNER FEBRES, identified with DNI 08771655 hereinafter CVR under the following terms and conditions:

FIRST: IRTP is a decentralized public organism under the Ministry of Education. Its activities are regulated by Legislative Decree 829, Organization and Functions Regulations approved by D.S. 056-2001-ED, and Legislative Decree 909, the public sector budget law for 2001.

SECOND: CVR was created through Supreme Decree 065-2001-PCM aiming at clarifying the process, facts and responsibilities of terrorist violence and violation of human rights produced from May 1980 to November 2000, imputable both to terrorist organizations and to state agents. It also aimed at proposing initiatives to strengthen peace and concord among Peruvians. CVR is a special, independent and autonomous public body under the Presidency of the Council of Ministers- PCM. The legitimacy of its mandate stems from the legitimacy society grants to its purposes and actions. These are aimed at revealing the truth, restoring justice, achieving national reconciliation and consolidating democracy. CVR enforces a special procedure already used in several countries to address the need to shed light on acts of violence human rights abuses and sequels of political violence daily affect segments of the population and the whole of society.

THIRD: The aim of this agreement is to specify the conditions under which cooperation between IRTP and CVR will take place in co-producing and broadcasting television and radio programs.

FOURTH: By virtue of this agreement, CVR and IRTP oblige themselves as follows:

a) CVR shall deliver free airtime for broadcasting 32 five-minute television spots from January to March this year; ……….. to be broadcast from………... IRTP shall broadcast these spots in schedules jointly decided with CVR.

b) IRTP and CVR shall co-produce for television 1 hour weekly program (starting from April this year) combining studio and open air; and for radio…….. the studio sequences will be assumed by IRTP and CVR will assume contracting of the host.

c) CVR shall provide IRTP with the facilities to broadcast -live or pre-recorded- some of the public hearings CVR holds in Lima or the provinces.

d) CVR shall accept the invitations IRTP makes to its members for their participation in different radio and television programs.

FIFTH: The current agreement shall have an indefinite duration from the date it is signed. It can be automatically resolved by any of the parties in case of non compliance, except in the case of an act of god or force majeure. Likewise, it can be resolved by unilateral decision and the party so deciding shall give the other party notice through written communication 30 calendar days beforehand.

SIXTH: The programs’ contents must be for all audiences, particularly for children and these contents must not be against custom and good usage. When the programs deal with national reality, the political aspects must be dealt with in the most plural possible way and based upon consensus.

SEVENTH: By agreement, the parties declare that in everything related with interpreting and complying with this agreement they submit to the judgment of the contracting institutions’ representatives and, finally, to the jurisdiction of the judges and courts of Lima.

In conformance with all and each one of the clauses of this contract, they sign for the parties on ………. days of ………… two thousand and two.