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Know all by these presents the Institutional Cooperation Agreement signed by:

INFODUCTOS Y TELECOMUNICACIONES DEL PERU S.A., (a RED CIENTÍFICA PERUANA company) hereinafter “RCP Internet Perú”, with Single Taxpayer N° 20429050546, with office of record at Av. Pablo Carriquirry N° 410 – San Isidro, represented by its General Manager Rolando Toledo Vega, identified with National Identity Nº 09225187, pursuant to powers registered in Electronic Entry N° 11105179 of the Lima and Callao Company Registry, and

THE TRUTH AND RECONCILIATION COMMISSION –hereafter “CVR”- with office of record at Av. Salaverry 2802, district of San Isidro, province and department of Lima, represented by its president, Mr. Salomón Lerner Febres, identified with National Identity Nº 08771655, appointed to that position through Supreme Resolution N° 330-2001-PCM and authorized by Ministerial Resolution N° 212-2001-PCM to sign agreements and covenants, under the following terms and conditions:


RCP Internet Perú is a corporation whose objective is to commercialize goods and services, mainly telecommunications and value added services, carrier services, to engage in the purchase and sale of telecommunications equipment and all other goods and services allowed by law, in conformance with Article One of its By-Laws. In addition, it provides consulting and advisory services; project design, evaluation and implementation services; import and export services for all types of goods; and acts as representative, dealer, franchisee or franchisor before any domestic or foreign company.

CVR is a public organization created through Supreme Decree Nº 065-2001-PCM, as complemented by Supreme Decree N° 101-2001-PCM, for the purpose of clarifying the process, facts and responsibilities pertaining to terrorist violence and human rights abuses occurred from May 1980 through November 2000, that may be imputed to both terrorist organizations and agents of the State, and to propose initiatives aiming at asserting peace and concord among Peruvians.
To meet its goals, CVR has organized itself as an ad-hoc public organization with full independence and autonomy under the administration of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers (PCM). Its mandate is supported by the social legitimacy of its objectives and initiatives aimed at the knowledge of truth, restoring justice, achieving national reconciliation and consolidating democracy.

To reach its objectives, CVR can request the cooperation of public, private institutions and the citizenry at large.

CVR and RCP Internet Perú share the goal of achieving national reconciliation, restoring justice and strengthening constitutional democracy. To do so, they hereby agree to share their efforts in undertaking activities and initiatives for the dissemination of contents related to CVR’s work, in particular in issues like the clarification of human rights abuses and crimes, the context in which violence took place in Peru, and sensitizing Peruvian society at large.


The purpose of this Agreement is to establish the conditions for the cooperation relationship between RCP Internet Perú and CVR, concerning the hosting of CVR’s web page (


In conformance with the purpose of the Agreement, the parties commit to the following cooperation initiatives:

1. Hosting of the CVR website.- RCP Internet Perú commits to host the CVR’s web page free of any valuable consideration. CVR will provide RCP Internet Perú the necessary information so the latter will be able to meet its obligation.

2. Promoting RCP Internet Perú.- CVR commits its best efforts to promote the initiatives subject matter to this Agreement at all possible opportunities and in all communication media. In addition it commits to organize a Press Conference after the signing of this Agreement, to reveal the scope of the Agreement. RCP Internet Perú representatives will participate at the press conference.

3. Promoting CVR activities.- RCP Internet Perú commits its best efforts to promote CVR’s web page from its Internet portal.


In view of the objective of this Agreement, both parties accept that under no circumstance shall RCP Internet Perú be held liable by CVR or any other third parties for the indirect, incidental special, loss of profits, data or use damages that may hurt the latter as a consequence of the contents or hosting of the aforementioned web page.


To properly accomplish the commitments herein, the parties agree to appoont the following individuals as the Agreement’s operations coordinators.

  • For CVR: Rocío Alayza Camarero (e-mail:
  • For RCP Internet Perú: Jhonny Dean Acosta Acosta. (e-mail:

Both parties – either through their operations coordinators or other designated individuals - agree to organize joint coordination and activity design meetings when either of the parties deems it necessary to reach the objectives pursuant t this Agreement.


This Agreement will become effective on the date of its signing and will remain in full force and effect until July 13, 2003, after which date it may e extended by agreement of the parties.

However, this Agreement may be terminated immediately by any of the parties in case of failure to comply unless said failure results from acts of god or force majeure.

In addition, the Agreement may be terminated by one of the parties by sending written notice to the other party at least 15 days before the unilateral termination decision enters in force.


This Agreement is based on the good faith of the parties. For this reason all conflicts that may arise concerning its interpretation, execution or compliance will be resolved by common understanding. Nonetheless, the parties waive their right to the jurisdiction of their respective domiciles and submit to the courts and tribunals of the Lima Court District.

In conformance with each and everyone of aforementioned dispositions to this Agreement, the parites sign on the day of March, two thousand three.

Salomón Lerner Febres
Truth and Reconciliation Commission

Sandro Marcone
Legal Representative