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  Yuyanapaq: To Remember  

Show opens in Lima

More than 200 photos from 1980-2000
The Truth and Reconciliation Commission will open Saturday, August 9 a photo show it has called "Yuyanapaq: Para Recordar" (To Remember) in Quechua and Spanish, respectively) narrating the 20 years of violence in Peru through a selection of 200 photographs. The show is open at Casa Riva Agüero, Malecón Grau 477- Chorrillos at noon.

27 topical rooms
Events and stories from that period are shown in 27 topical rooms. The beginning of violence in 1980-1982, its gradual growth in 1983 and 1989, and the Shining Path’s offensive in Lima strting in 1989.

Uchuraccay, Pucayacu, Socos, Accomarca, Lucanamarca, Molinos, Maria Elena Moyano’s murder, the Barrios Altos killings, the attack against the Tarata building, the Chavín de Huantar operations, and the impacts of violence in universities across Peru, in the Central Jungle, Raucana, Huaycán and the department of San Martín. .

Wives, mothers and daughters of victims, orphans, members of defense squads and self-defense committees, pardoned prisoners, and women opposing violence are all portrayed. Two special rooms show life-size pictures and a video room shows films describing 20 years of violence in Peru.

Opening in Regional Offices
“ Yuyanapacha: Tiempo de la Memoria” (“Yuyanapacha: Time for the Memory”) is a selection of 37 photos from the main exhibit shown in Lima that will open in Universidad San Cristóbal de Huamanga, in the Huamanga Main Square in Ayacucho. The show opened simultaneously in Huánuco, Huancayo and Abancay at the Casa de la Cultura in Universidad Hermilio Valdizán and at the Exhibition Room of the Huancayo Provincial Municipality. It will soon open in Cuzco, at the Modern Art Museum of the Cuzco City Hall.

“Yuyanapacha: A Moment to Remember "
A country like Peru has had little time to remember, and even less opportunities to understand and assimilate the trauma of violence. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission considers forums like the photo show help in filling this gap. The images have been chosen in an effort to present events in Peru from 1980 to 2000, and try and reconstruct the visual memory of a period of violence in Peru.