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  Witnesses of the Truth

witnesses of the truth
Visual memory of political violence

Cultural Center of the Pontifical Catholic University of Perú
October 10 - 12, 2002


Truth Commission will listen to photo reporters and journalists

Witnessed of the Truth. Visual memory of political violence is the name of the roundtables organized by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission starting October 10 at the Catholic University’s Cultural Center. The event will be open for three days and seeks to create a forum for reflection and debate about the role of photo reporting in times of political violence, and to underscore the importance of preserving a collective visual memory based on the images created by photo reporters during those times.
The Truth and Reconciliation Commission has received the mandate to investigate the acts of violence that took place in Peru in the last 20 years. To fulfill its mandate the Commission has appealed to the recollections of thousands of Peruvians who suffered the consequences of this violence in the raw but also to those who somehow became witnesses of what was happening. Journalists and in particular photo reporters are part of such vast group of witnesses. Their photographs are valuable documents that will give the Commission a tool to know the true impact of violence in Peru.
Renowned photo reporters, journalists and social science experts will take part in the debates and will share their experience in covering violence in the last two decades.

Banco de Imágenes Virtual
At this event the Truth and Reconciliation Comisión will also unveil the Virtual Images bank it has created as part of its own photo project. To create it, the Commission examined and sorted the most representative photos in 80 media, private and institutional archives.
The Virtual Image Bank included 1500 photos depicting the political violence Peru went through between 1980 and 2000. The photos will be available to civil society once the Truth and Reconciliation Commission concludes its mandate.

October 9, 2002

Communications and Public Impact Office