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Collective memory

It is important to realize that responsibility for the success or failure of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s work does not exclusively belong to the Commissioners making it up but, somehow, is incumbent on all of the citizens. Without the population’s participation and commitment the Commission will not be able to fully comply with its mission.Not only the victims, their relatives or the witnesses are called to collaborate. All of us, through dissemination of the importance of this instance are invited to actively participate so as not to permit similar actions to occur again.
Peruvians need to have a collective memory and this is a chance to shape it. We have to commit with this healthy process with a clearly educational and healing effect regarding the horror we underwent during the years of political violence.
To do so, seeking truth without feelings of retaliation or spirit of revenge is necessary. Also is the aspiration of justice and, as possible, of redress to victims, thus preparing a national reconciliation process. This suddenly becomes one of the central objectives of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

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