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  Exhumations in Chuschi Ayacucho

First Exhumation requested by CVR

The Public Prosecutor ordered the exhumation of a burial located in the Chuschi district. To do so, the Cangallo Mixed Province Prosecutor of the Judicial District of Ayacucho, Doctor Rolando Enciso Sandoval, was authorized to participate.

Exhumation Works

They were carried out between January 21st and 23rd 2002 according to the standards and procedures recommended for this kind of interventions. The remains of seven people were recovered. Besides, at the foot of the Sillaccasa cliff, the remains of another one of the victims were found.

Remains Analysis

It was carried out between January 24th and 27th 2002. To that effect, a field morgue was implemented at the Quispillaccta Community School. The experts successfully identified the eight victims, by their clothes and personal belongings recovered during the exhumation, which were recognized by their families.

Delivery to the Families

On January 28th 2002, the remains were handed over to their families and the corresponding certificates were issued by the Public Prosecutor’s Office. A funeral Mass was celebrated by Commissioner Monsignor Jose Antunez de Mayolo and Reverend Father Gaston Garatea Yori.

Before starting the forensic intervention, during its development and after it ended, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission gathered with the Quispillaccta Community authorities and people to appropriately inform them about the works to be carried out and their progress. Besides, the victims’ families were accompanied and provided with psychological support.


On May 14th 1983, around 4 p.m. in the Yuraqcruz village, belonging to the Quispillaccta peasant community, district of Chuschi, province of Cangallo, department of Ayacucho, a Peruvian Army patrol appeared before a group of people who were carrying out communal work.

The patrol was made up by 10 to 15 soldiers and they were accompanied by a group of people from Chuschi who came after a Shining Path group had entered in the Chanca Cancha village belonging to Chuschi.

On May 15th 1983, close to the place known as Sillaccasa, while they were led through the road that goes from the Chuschi district to Cangallo, 8 community members were murdered. They were Narciso Achallma Capcha, Antonio Carhuapoma Conde, Valentín Nuñez Flores, Julián Núñez Mendoza, Pedro Núñez Pacotaype, Reynaldo Núñez Pacotaype, Hilario Núñez Quispe and Máximo Vilca Ccallocunto.